EC3R Concept

Collaborative Research Network

The EC3R aims to boost alternative methods with the long-term goal of Reduction and Replacement. For this purpose, it implements a Collaborative Research Network that is focusing on the joint development of 3D tissue culture models. The network provides a platform for crosscutting topics like the agreement on standards and comparative validation of models. 


Cross-sectional Projects

Two Cross-sectional Projects will spark the Collaborative Research Network by innovative artificial intelligence applications and an extended quality management, leading to the increase of 3R research quality.


Education and Training

The EC3R will provide a comprehensive Education and Training program. Consistent training in the 3Rs with all its facets lays the foundation for trust and dissemination in science. Therefore, the integration and Berlin-wide opening of the broad spectrum of existing measures and addition of complementary activities will improve the awareness, knowledge and application of 3R methods.


Communication and Outreach

The EC3R will foster Communication and Outreach on 3R research. Comprehensive, honest and fact-based communication is a necessity to inform scientists and the public about the great opportunities and challenges of implementing the 3Rs. The EC3R will highlight the visibility of the strong Berlin 3R activities and communicate transparently and scientifically sound. Citizens will retrieve comprehensible information and are invited to enter into a dialogue with the scientists.