Charité 3R Lecture | "Patient-derived Organoids"

Charité 3R cordially invites you to a lecture on patient-derived organoids on the 11.10.2023 from 3:00-4:30 p.m. at Campus CVK, Berlin (Forschungshaus, ground floor, lecture hall 4), presented by two outstanding experts in the field.

After the lectures, there will be the opportunity to discuss with both speakers in a get-together with drinks and food from 4:30 pm on.



  • Hugo Snippert, University Medical Utrecht: Heterogeneity in tumors: a real-time and single-cell perspective
  • Ulrich Keilholz, Charité, director of Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center, speaker of NCT Berlin: tba


Hugo Snippert is a group leader at the Centre for Molecular Medicine at UMC Utrecht, an ERC starting grant holder and a member of the Oncode institute. His group “Functional heterogeneity in cancer” uses patient derived (cancer) organoids to study cell fate decisions. Hugo Snippert and his team are applying high-content microscopy to follow the trajectory of stem cells and to study the transition from benign to early-onset malignant tumors in intestine organoids. He established a protocol that integrates 3D live-cell imaging and whole-genome sequencing of patient derived organoids (PDOs) to reconstruct tumor evolution. He has an interest in the underlying mechanisms of colorectal cancer metastasizing to the liver.