Call | NC3Rs International 3Rs Prize open for application

The prize is awarded for a paper that describes outstanding and original work that has or could have major impacts on the replacement, reduction or refinement.

Deadline: 01.05.2024


CAAT Humane Education and CAAT Reduction Grants

The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) is now accepting proposals for the 2023 Reduction and Humane Education Grants. The deadline for receipt of submissions is November 15, 2023.

Master students wanted!

The Hedtrich Lab (BIH) is recruiting two Master students for NAM projects: Medium optimization for a gut-lung multi organ-on-chip system / CRISPR-based Gene Editing.

BIONNALE Event | "Lab-on-the-Chip and 3R"

At the BIONNALE on 16.05.2023, Jens Kurreck (EC3R, TU Berlin) and Reyk Horland (TissUse GmbH) will talk about the transferability, reduction or even replacement of animal experiments in research.

Elephants & Butterflies | Cellular Fuel Cells

Philipp Mergenthaler is looking for biochemical mechanisms that prevent cell death in stroke patients and people with rare mitochondrial diseases.

Congratulations! | NAM Teaching Award of Berlin's Animal Welfare Officer

Ahmed Ali (EC3R Juniors member), Mathias Ziersch and Prof. Dr. Jens Kurreck (EC3R co-spokesperson) received the award for teaching alternative methods from the State Animal Welfare Officers.

Call | Proposals for new EC3R projects

We invite applications for collaborative research network projects on 3D tissue models to join the Einstein Center 3R (EC3R).

Guest Lecture 17.10.2022 | EC3R Visiting Expert Dr. Paul Holloway

The EC3R is pleased to invite you to the guest lecture of its first visiting expert, Dr. Paul Holloway (Oxford, UK) on "Modelling stroke in vitro using microfluidic technologies". Register until 14.10.2022!

Good to Know | Laborjournal publishes dossier on animal experiments

On the Laborjournal website, you can now find numerous articles on the topic of "animal experiments" - where they are (still) necessary and how they could be optimized according to the 3R principle.

Panel Discussion 10.10.2022 | Can animal experiments be ethically justified?

The Einstein Center 3R invites you to the panel discussion on October 10, 2022 at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and via live stream. The event will be held in German.