Education and training

The education and training area is currently being established. The following measures are planned, among others:

Overview for existing offerings in Berlin

Compilation of an overview of existing offerings to promote awareness and competence in all 3Rs; expansion to 6Rs in cooperation with BIH QUEST Center

Own course offers of the EC3R

Transfer of knowledge about and methods of 3D tissue culture models by the research network groups;
Quality assurance measures and knowledge for cross-model and cross-species comparison by the cross-sectional projects

EC3R Juniors

Fourteen excellent early career researchers (PhD students and postdocs) have been recruited for the EC3R Juniors Program. Early career researchers of the research projects A – F and both cross-sectional projects are a part of the EC3R Juniors’ Program. Two spokespersons, Dr. Maren Hülsemann and Sarah Schmerbeck were elected by their colleagues to take on an active role in the development of the EC3R Juniors and to represent the interests of the early career researcher within the EC3R steering committee.

Within the last months, a Mentoring Program for the EC3R Juniors has been planned and organized. The Mentoring Program is mandatory for PhD Students and optional for postdocs.

The Annual EC3R Laboratory Visits are another networking measure provided for the EC3R Juniors.

Within these lab visits, all projects of the Collaborative Research Network and the two cross-sectional projects will facilitate visits to their laboratories, therefore enabling “A day in the lab of…” / “A day in the team of…” for junior researchers from other EC3R research projects.

This offer aims to enable and foster an intensive exchange of knowledge and methods and various networking opportunities within the different research groups of the Collaborative Research Network.The intended conduct of the Laboratory Visits in 2022 is between May/June and October (dependent on Corona pandemic).

An Annual EC3R Juniors Day provides networking opportunities within the group of early career researchers. The junior researchers will present their work in form of short lectures, enabling them to practice their presentation skills and to present their work in a protected environment. The EC3R education office is currently organizing and preparing the program of 2022.

Outgoing Lab Visits

This is a special offer for junior scientists working in the institutions involved in EC3R. Since travel opportunities are limited or difficult to predict due to the Corona situation, the call was expanded from “international” to “national and international” laboratory visits in 2022. The call for these laboratory visits has been published by the beginning of March. The has also been disseminated through a variety of different communication channels within the institutions involved to reach the broad scientific community of young researchers in Berlin. All applications will be reviewed by members of the EC3R, according to transparent and strict criteria. With this yearly call, the EC3R offers early career researchers a reimbursement of up to 3000€ each to visit national and international laboratories of excellence to learn about innovative technologies and applications of 3R research that complement Berlin's scientific strengths.


Visiting Experts

Invitation of international experts to bring in additional expertise and to promote international cooperation

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