Guest Lecture 17.10.2022 | EC3R Visiting Expert Dr. Paul Holloway



The Einstein Center 3R is pleased to invite you to the guest lecture of its first visiting expert, Dr. Paul Holloway, invited by the Research Group of P. Mergenthaler.

Dr. Holloway is a principle investigator at Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford.


“Modelling stroke in vitro using microfluidic technologies”

Microfluidics and organ on chip technologies are enabling new possibilities to study cell-cell interactions within micro-environments that have greater physiological relevance than traditional cell culture techniques. Dr Paul Holloway will be discussing how these models can be used to improve pre-clinical investigations in stroke and will present his work developing neuronal circuit models and 3D blood vessel networks to mimic specific aspects of stroke pathophysiology.



Charité Corona Regulations: All Charité scientists have to bring their Charité ID (Dienstausweis). All non-Charité scientists, please have the email confirming your registration as well as a negative rapid SARS-CoV-2 antigen test (< 24 h) ready to show these documents in addition to your ID for access to the campus CCM.