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Save the Date | 3R Online Seminar: "Alternatives to animal use in research and education - Refine, Reduce & Replace"

Within a period of eight weeks, seventeen excellent scientists will give a wide-ranging overview of the broad spectrum of topics in the field of the 3Rs. Starts on October 20th, 2022.

Inclusion of new members

The Einstein Center 3R would like to expand its networking and offers an associate membership.

EC3R Visting Experts

Interested project groups from within the EC3R can apply to invite an international expert whose expertise can further promote 3R research of excellence in Berlin.

Call | EC3R national and international outgoing lab visit program

Travel reimbursements of up to € 3.000 will be provided to enable Berlin graduates to visit national and international 3R laboratories of excellence.

NC3Rs | Apply now for this year’s International 3Rs Prize

Is your research making a big difference to the 3Rs? Apply now for the international 3Rs prize. The deadline to submit your application is Wednesday 6 April 2022.

Current figures - animal experiments in the federal states

As in previous years, the initiative Tierversuche verstehen has analyzed the numbers of animals used in experiments in the individual German federal states (in German).

Publication | Bioprinted Cancer Model of Neuroblastoma in a Renal Microenvironment as an Efficiently Applicable Drug Testing Platform

In the publication by Wu et al. the bioprinting team of the Einstein Center 3R around Jens Kurreck describes the production of a 3D neuroblastoma metastasis model.

Video | Online Seminars of Berlin's Anminal Welfare Officer

All seven webinars from 2021 have been uploaded to the YouTube Channel of Berlin's animal welfare officer. Some of them were held in English language.

Publication | Hamster models of COVID-19 pneumonia reviewed: How human can they be?

Great article about lessons learned from hamster models of COVID-19 by EC3R member Achim Gruber.

Video | Einstein Center 3R at the Berlin Science Week 2021

The Einstein Center 3R stepped into the public at the Berlin Science Week 2021. Missed the event? Watch the recording on our YouTube Channel - in German language.